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Amaze (Print)

  • A manual for creating magical experiences in everyday life
  • Preface by Derren Brown
  • Praised by celebrated magicians, thought-leaders, and scholars

Amaze is a category-defying, hard-to-describe book. Breaking disciplinary and conceptual boundaries, it is not a book about magic tricks, but it is indeed a most magical book that introduces a magical perspective into everyday life.

Widely acclaimed by people from the worlds of magic, business, and experience design, Amaze is a manual on how to create "magical experiences" and make magical things happen in daily life--for friends, family, colleagues, clients, and even strangers. It is a book about "thinking like a magician" to unleash the power of wonder and surprise in everyday life. Creating Magical Experiences is like a nonfiction version of magical realism. 

The authors move seamlessly between the realms of science, art, and magic, seeking wonder at every turn. They delight in inspiring us all to cultivate curiosity and embrace astonishment in our daily lives. This brilliant book is an empowering grimoire for hacking reality and giving the gift of magical experiences to others. 

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Paperback:  231 pages

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Praise for Amaze

Derren Brown (from the preface):

"Wonder, then, is a tricky business. Mariano and Ferdinando admirably avoid the trap of... posturing and step respectfully around their target. Like a rainbow that disappears when approached too closely, some things are best tackled indirectly. The examples and discussions in this book form an homage to [Wonder], an elusive state of mind, which is in part something childlike and primeval, but often requires the intellectual engagement of an adult to stir us most powerfully."

Joshua Jay:

Amaze is an insightful meditation on what makes magic… magical. While it draws on the authors' vast experience in making magical experiences, it can and will be enjoyed by anyone with a curiosity about human nature and the role of magic plays in our lives.

Jeff McBride:

The authors trailblazer new territory in the world of magic. Amaze is full of fresh ideas and techniques that will inspire you to create your own extraordinary experiences.

Robert E. Neale:

Amaze is surely a "museum of wonders."  It is equally a house of fun.  Either way it is an astonishing collection of incidents and comments on the theme of designing magical experiences.  Enjoy it as easy reading of delightful examples that will make you grin and laugh at outrageous exploits.  Or explore it by reflecting on the possibilities that will challenge you to function as a magician in a highly theatrical way without either the traditional theater or even the performing magician.  The text is a lively exploration of how fully entertaining and magical that can be.  Amazing!

Authors bio:

Ferdinando Buscema

Ferdinando is a designer of magical experiences for personal and organizational growth. With a background in mechanical engineering, humanistic psychology, and hermetic traditions, Ferdinando has been chosen as a partner by leading companies to create high-value events, learning experiences, and edutainment-based trainings. An award winning magician and sleight-of-hand artist, Ferdinando is a member of and performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the most exclusive stage for magical entertainment. He is presently the Magician-in-Residence at the Palo Alto based think tank Institute For The Future, and he collaborates with the blog Boing Boing.

Mariano Tomatis

Writer and magician, Mariano is professionally devoted to wonder and its cultural, historical ,and political implications. He has published several books on the topic. Curator of Rennes-le-Château Museum and the People’s Magic Library, he was granted a visiting fellowship by the University of Warwick (UK) for the event Mesmerized! Deception, Belief, and Enchantment. As a militant storyteller, he is a member of the Wu Ming Foundation and collaborates with the blog Giap.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Sometimes even magicians need to think outside their own box about what is truly magical. The authors of this book do just that, busting out the walls of what can deliver a magical experience. They expand on the already thriving field of "experience design" to set new pathways into the delightful wilderness of "magical experience design." This exploration will be of interest not only to magicians, who need to think outside the box of magic only taking place in a "show" or "trick", but to anyone. Even if you are not a magician, event planner or performer of another stripe, this well-written adventure into making magic happen through created experiences is a worthy and magical experience in its own right.

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