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  • Eugene Burger: Final Secrets: PRE-ORDER PACKAGE

    Eugene Burger: Final Secrets: PRE-ORDER PACKAGE

    5.0 Stars
    FREE Shipping!
    • Features Eugene's masterful CLOSE-UP CARD MAGIC
    • 350 pages: nearly twice as large as FROM BEYOND
    • Includes limited, numbered, & signed drawing by JAY FORTUNE (only available HERE)
    • NEW: Includes a special BOOKMARK signed by LARRY HASS
    • Will be shipped to arrive just after the release date of Halloween 2021
    • Free shipping on all orders in the USA
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  • Five Points in Magic

    Five Points in Magic

    No reviews yet
    • From the Spanish master, Juan Tamariz
    • Essential techniques for improving your performances
    • 5 outstanding routines fully explained
    • One of the great books on magic theory
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  • Magic Inside Out

    Magic Inside Out

    4.8 Stars
    • The new book of magic by creative genius, Robert E. Neale
    • Includes 14 new routines, each one with a fully developed script
    • Includes "Dream Door," a new masterpiece to carry in your wallet!
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  • Wandcraft: Making & Using a Magic Wand

    Wandcraft: Making & Using a Magic Wand

    5.0 Stars
    • Groundbreaking, practical guide to the Magic Wand
    • Instructions for making 5 types of wand
    • 6 fully developed routines for those wands
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  • Verbal Magic

    Verbal Magic

    No reviews yet
    • From the great Spanish Master, Juan Tamariz
    • Over 40 interactive routines for ZOOM, online, TV, or telephone
    • Follow along and amaze yourself
    • A deep study in the psychology of interactive magic
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  • The Magic Rainbow

    The Magic Rainbow

    No reviews yet
    Only 2 left!
    • An in-depth study of the nature and purpose of magical art
    • Book 3 in Juan's great trilogy in the philosophy of magic
    • includes many chapters of surpassing importance to any magical performer
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  • Amaze (Print)

    Amaze (Print)

    5.0 Stars
    • A manual for creating magical experiences in everyday life
    • Preface by Derren Brown
    • Praised by celebrated magicians, thought-leaders, and scholars
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  • Eugene Burger: From Beyond

    Eugene Burger: From Beyond

    5.0 Stars
    • A book 10 years in the making at Eugene Burger's request!
    • Includes 16 unpublished stand up and spirit theater routines
    • Includes access to 15 video & audio performances
    • Includes rare essays, photos, interviews, and scripts
    • Finally revealed: Eugene's legendary spirit slate routine!
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  • Dying to Change, Larry Hass, 2019

    Dying to Change, Larry Hass, 2019

    5.0 Stars
    • Larry Hass tells the story of how he transformed from Philosophy Professor to Professional Magician.
    • Detailed lessons about what is required to be a full-time magician in the world today.
    • Volume 4 of the celebrated book series, ASTONISHING ESSAYS, from Vanishing Inc. Magic.
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  • The Little Book of Creativity

    The Little Book of Creativity

    No reviews yet
    • George Parker's international bestselling book on creativity.
    • Filled with concepts and exercises to activate meaningful change in your life.
    • Generates countless ideas for envisioning and meeting your goals.
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  • Performing Magic with Impact

    Performing Magic with Impact

    4.8 Stars
    • 9 high-impact magic routines, 6 of them for parlor or platform.
    • 10 essays with practical ideas to improve the impact of your magic.
    • An astonishing final chapter that teaches how to make your magic play bigger.
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  • Life Magic

    Life Magic

    5.0 Stars
    • Includes a sleight-free, borrowed deck, miracle class card routine for non-magicians.
    • Includes Larry's "Last Lecture," his public address about how to live a magical life.
    • Includes a celebrated essay about the deep and important place of magic in human experience.
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