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  • Dying to Change

    Dying to Change

    No reviews yet
    • Larry Hass tells the story of how he transformed from Philosophy Professor to Professional Magician.
    • Detailed lessons about what is required to be a full-time magician in the world today.
    • Volume 4 of the celebrated book series, ASTONISHING ESSAYS, from Vanishing Inc. Magic.
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  • The Little Book of Creativity

    The Little Book of Creativity

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    • George Parker's international bestselling book on creativity.
    • Filled with concepts and exercises to activate meaningful change in your life.
    • Generates countless ideas for envisioning and meeting your goals.
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  • Performing Magic with Impact

    Performing Magic with Impact

    4.8 Stars
    • 9 high-impact magic routines, 6 of them for parlor or platform.
    • 10 essays with practical ideas to improve the impact of your magic.
    • An astonishing final chapter that teaches how to make your magic play bigger.
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  • Life Magic

    Life Magic

    5.0 Stars
    • Includes a sleight-free, borrowed deck, miracle class card routine for non-magicians.
    • Includes Larry's "Last Lecture," his public address about how to live a magical life.
    • Includes a celebrated essay about the deep and important place of magic in human experience.
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  • Nine Uneasy Pieces

    Nine Uneasy Pieces

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  • An Essay on Magic (paperback)

    An Essay on Magic (paperback)

    5.0 Stars
    • From Robert E. Neale, one of magic's most creative minds and recipient of a 2014 Special Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts.
    • Includes one of the most important theoretical discussions in any literature, by any magician or scholar, about the nature of magic and why it matters.
    • Includes 38 of Bob Neale's innovative magic routines, including some of his very favorite creations.
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  • Creating Business Magic

    Creating Business Magic

    No reviews yet
    • Introduction by David Copperfield.
    • Discusses fundamental strategies for business success using contemporary magicians as exemplars.
    • Discussions of David Copperfield, Max Maven, Jeff McBride, Penn & Teller, Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone, Jr., Doug Henning, among others.
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  • INDEX-terity


    No reviews yet
    • State-of-the-art tool and handling for the billet index.
    • 5 thoroughly deceptive routines for the real world.
    • Comes with access to 9 performance and instructional videos.
    • Comes complete with a work-kit to easily construct your index.
    • (Secretly) used by world-leading mentalists and magicians.
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  • Breaking Our Magic Wands

    Breaking Our Magic Wands

    No reviews yet
    • All new: 6 routines and 4 essays on what it means to "break our magic wand."
    • Enjoy the wit and wisdom of one of magic's great philosophers.
    • Includes the remarkable "My Last Trick," Bob Neale's capstone routine.
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  • Teaching Magic

    Teaching Magic

    No reviews yet
    • Wisdom, teaching, and inspiration from one of magic's most beloved magicians.
    • Includes 7 previously unpublished and carefully guarded close-up routines, 6 by Eugene and 1 by Lawrence Hass
    • Includes access to 5 videos of Eugene performing his routines.
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  • Inspirations


    5.0 Stars
    • 30 short essays with practical insights to help every magician improve their performances.
    • 14 worker routines from Lawrence's professional repertoire, including "ESP-ology," which has been hailed as a masterpiece of mentalism.
    • Inspirational wisdom about the importance of magic as an art form and what it means to be a magician in the world today.
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  • The Sense of Wonder (Paperback)

    The Sense of Wonder (Paperback)

    5.0 Stars
    • From one of magic's most creative minds and recipient of a 2014 Special Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts.
    • Includes a major essay exploring what wonder is and how magicians can create more of it in their performances.
    • Includes 31 of Bob Neale's innovative magic routines and impossible objects, each one with a fully-developed script.
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