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The Magic Rainbow

  • An in-depth study of the nature and purpose of magical art
  • Book 3 in Juan's great trilogy in the philosophy of magic
  • includes many chapters of surpassing importance to any magical performer

After 40 years of ongoing work and rigorous thinking, The Magic Rainbow carries readers even farther up The Magic Way until they are delivered to Juan Tamariz's account of the ultimate destination for magicians:  where the audience's logical analysis is abandoned for the sake of the emotions of amazement, fascination, and wonder, and where the feeling of magic becomes, for a while, a lived experience of impossibility rooted in reality.

In explaining how magicians can achieve this goal, Juan provides remarkable and original techniques that make it possible to erase bits of memory that might lead to the method of the routine, and how to create and enhance memories that build the impossibility of the effect both immediately and into the future.  Along the way, Juan gives an original strategy for dealing with technical mistakes during performance.  He explains how comedy and drama combine with magic--in both good and bad ways--and how to make the most effective combinations of those forms for astonishing and memorable magic.  And so much more.

The Magic Rainbow is Juan Tamariz's magnum opus in the philosophy of magic and magic performance. It presents essays, explanations, revelations, insights, and rigorous analysis developed over 40 years by one of the world's most beloved and accomplished magicians.



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