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Eugene Burger: Final Secrets: PRE-ORDER PACKAGE

  • Features Eugene's masterful CLOSE-UP CARD MAGIC
  • 350 pages: nearly twice as large as FROM BEYOND
  • Includes limited, numbered, & signed drawing by JAY FORTUNE (only available HERE)
  • NEW: Includes a special BOOKMARK signed by LARRY HASS
  • Will be shipped to arrive just after the release date of Halloween 2021
  • Free shipping on all orders in the USA

The Wait is Nearly Over! Pre-Order Eugene Burger: Final Secrets for Delivery upon its Release!

With the publication of Eugene Burger: From Beyond (on Halloween, 2019) magicians around the world learned that Eugene and Larry Hass had been diligently working on two books for after his death that would share ALL of Eugene's unpublished materials: essays, interviews, and above all, magic routines. And now, two years later to the date, Eugene's Final Secrets are about to arrive in your hands!

Eugene Burger: Final Secrets is a big book of overwhelming treasures. It is almost twice as long as From Beyond. It includes complete explanations for over 17 of Eugene's most closely guarded close-up card magic routines, including "Influence," "Fishing," Destiny Has a Name," "Order and Chaos," "Thought Sender," "Unfazed," and every detail  of how he delighted audiences all over the world with "The Trick that Cannot Be Explained." Alongside powerful essays, interviews, photographs, discussions, and the complete text of his overlooked masterpiece, Growing in the Art of Magic, Final Secrets includes access to 27 video and audio recordings of the Master performing and teaching his most closely guarded routines.

Pre-Order Final Secrets at the book's retail price ($120.00) and receive Free Shipping (only in the USA), Delivery directly after publication, and the extraordinary signed and numbered print of Eugene drawn by the book's artist JAY FORTUNE. (This print is a limited edition--and it is first-come, first-served.).

ADDED AUGUST 28:  The Pre-Order Package also comes with a specially designed Final Secrets Bookmark personally signed by Larry Hass.

Place your pre-order for Eugene Burger: Final Secrets NOW!



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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    I've been waiting for this book for a few years now so why should I wait to see it before I review it. I always trusted that it was going to be an excellent book as Eugene was a wonderful person and an extraordinary magician. Larry furthermore is a wonderful person and a brilliant thinker who was trusted by Eugene to pass on his philosophy and magic to those of us who care. This body of work that Eugene and Larry have created can only be a rare contribution to the world of magic. When one is trusted there is no need to count the cash before you put it in your wallet.

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