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Mastering the Art of Magic

  • Collects the 7 Early Booklets that Made Eugene Famous
  • Expert Lessons about Performing Magic in the REAL WORLD
  • Over 30 of Eugene's routines for restaurants and walk-around
  • Includes "Intimate Power," the book that transformed me into a magician

Mastering the Art of Magic collects the 7 extraordinary booklets Eugene Burger published between 1982-1994.

"Secrets and Mysteries for the Close-Up Entertainer" (1982) and "Intimate Power" (1983) launched Eugene as a world-class performer and philosopher of magic. "Audience Involvement" (1983), "The Secrets of Restaurant Magic" (1983), "Matt Schulien's Fabulous Card Discoveries" (1983), "The Craft of Magic" (1984), and "Rediscoveries" (1994) were all lecture notes of the highest quality.

All these booklets include Eugene's wonderful professional close-up routines, developed in restaurants, bars, and lounges in Chicago. But even more powerful are the sensitive and transformational insights about how to perform magic for real-people and get paid well in the process.

This book is, quite simply, required reading for anyone who loves magic. It will inspire every performer and improve their shows. 



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