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Eugene Burger's UNFAZED Cards

  • 2 Sets of Eugene's cards for "UNFAZED"
  • Offered in partnership with the creator, Ben Blau
  • Deeply astonishing close-up magic

Ben Blau's "Unfazed" is the last wholly new piece of magic that Eugene Burger worked up for his repertoire. In creating his handling and presentation, Eugene preferred a different set of five symbols over the standard ESP symbols. As a special gift, Ben had a set of Eugene's symbol cards professional printed for him, and Ben includes them in the cards he provides for people who purchase "Unfazed" from him.

But to celebrate the release of Eugene Burger: Final Secrets--which, with Ben's permission, includes Eugene's script and complete handling of "Unfazed"--we are partnering with Ben to make Eugene's special symbol cards available for you here.

This package includes TWO sets of Eugene's symbol cards (20 cards in total).

Please note: no instructions are included, but they are fully provided in Chapter 17 of Eugene Burger: Final Secrets. 

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