About Us

Lawrence HassTheory and Art of Magic Press was founded by Lawrence Hass, Ph.D. in 2007 as an outgrowth of his internationally recognized, award-winning Theory and Art of Magic Program.

The mission of Theory and Art of Magic Press is to publish high-quality books and products for magicians that will feed their heads as well as their hands.  That is, books that include great performing material and practical or theoretical discussions about how to perform magic with excellence.  We also sell select products and supplies for material in our books or that have proven to be exceptional for live, real-world performance. 

Further, starting from the view that books are meant to be read and enjoyed, another goal of Theory and Art of Magic Press is to produce affordable books of the proper size and feel so that people can travel with them, read them in bed, or read them on the go.

A few words about the Publisher:  Lawrence Hass is a professional magician and a philosophy professor.  He holds the positions of Associate Dean of the McBride Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas and Professor of Humanities at Austin College in Sherman, Texas.  For more information about Larry and his wide-ranging, celebrated work as a performer, teacher, author, and philosopher of magic, please visit his website at www.lawrencehass.com.